Roof Asset Management

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RAM (Roof Asset Management) a complete asset evaluation, interior, exterior, and related construction / maintenance documentation and history. The defects in the roofing system are identified, quantified, and rated utilizing a custom algorithm to predict current condition and useful life. A Roof Rating (1 – 100) is calculated to prioritize roof repairs and replacement strategies including budget amounts. The Roof Ratings are utilized to design Preventive Maintenance programs that can extend the life of the roofing system by up to 25%. Physical cores are taken (non warranted roof) and written report with photographic record.

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  • Roof Evaluation includes the items outlined in the RAM above with the following exceptions.
  1. Survey does not include quantification and rating of defects; instead:
  2. General visual survey
  3. Roof system defects are noted and photographed
  4. Roofs are rated on a 1 to 5 scale instead of 1 to 100
  5. Preventive Maintenance programs are not specified in written report
  6. Drawing does not include locations of penetrations or defects

  • Due Diligence includes the items outlined in the Roof Evaluation above with the following exceptions.
  1. The roof evaluation is based on a visual survey only
  2. No roof ratings are given
  3. The report only includes a drawing if provided by the owner
  4. Roofs are not prioritized for repairs or replacement

  • Infrared and Nuclear Scan an interior evaluation, complete moisture scan with written report. The infra-red survey is performed at night. The hot spots or anomalies are indications moisture may be present. The anomalies are marked and cores are taken the next day to determine if moisture is the cause of the heat signature.
  1. CAD drawings and construction details.
  2. Specification development
  3. Roof Contract Administration (RCA) with your customized specification we manage the contract from pre-bid meeting, bid package analysis upon submittals, pre-construction meeting, interim project, and final inspections, to project close-out package submittal (a manual with drawings, job photos, and warranty documents).
  4. ROOFING PARTNER™ ONLINE PORTAL for access to our central repository via the Internet. This web based portal provides real time information regarding your Roofing Assets and Maintenance needs.
  5. Review processes in the building which may affect the structural support members and decking.