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Roof Evaluation

All too often the biggest roof problems you face aren’t the ones caused by Mother Nature. Sometimes, the way your roof is designed and installed makes failure just a matter of time

Other times, using independent roofing contractors—which often means multiple suppliers and third-party guarantors— introduces unnecessary complications.  It all adds up to hassles you don’t need.

With American SingleSource  Roofing, you deal with just one partner who uses proven, time-tested materials and installation procedures. So you’ll always get the right roof for your building.

American SingleSource Roofing offers an in depth Four-Point Roofing Evaluation to assess your structure, evaluate it’s condition and determine the best roofing solution for your companies needs.

Do It Right And You Won’t Have To Do It Again

Because we take responsibility for your entire project, we do things right the first time and then stand firmly behind our work. We don’t involve independent, licensed contractors. Your project receives the full-time attention of American  Roofing professionals. Your roof assessment will be performed by our own people. Our installers are American SingleSource Roofing employees, highly trained and proficient in installing our custom-designed roof systems.

We approach each new project with professionalism and attention to detail, and we keep you informed at every step. That means you know exactly what you’re getting in a roof, and you’re sure that your roof is installed the way it was designed—with no concessions. We do it right the first time, every time.

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Every Roof Is Custom Designed.
Though they may look similar, no two buildings are exactly alike. We will accurately assess your unique requirements and custom-design one of our proven roofing technologies to meet them. We handle every role and monitor costs at every step, so you get real value for your money. And because we manufacture and install the entire roof system using only proven, time tested, superior materials, we can also offer you long-term accountability at a very competitive cost. Our first and only business is roofing. You don’t have to sacrifice price for quality, and you get more roof for your money.

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