Materials are thoroughly inspected before deliver and our  technology reduces up to 90% of all field seams usually needed by weaker seam attached roofing systems – less is more! Less stress on the membrane, less reliance on glues, tapes, sealants, caulking and other field-applied products assures fewer pressure points. Making your investment a much higher, smarter return on your roofing dollars. Smarter investments in higher quality American SingleSource Roofing Single Ply products mean less maintenance.

Single Ply

 EPDM  (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) sometimes referred to as Rubber, is a thermoset membrane material. Its flexibility and ability to be installed in most climates makes EPDM one of the most popular choices in today's low slope commercial roofing market. (EPDM) has proven to be the most resilient and cost effective roofing membrane available. With unmatchable reslience against the harshest elements nature can bring – Rain or snow, in blistering heat or freezing cold as well as the harsh damages of UV Rays  American SingleSource Roofings EPDM is the most trusted, protective membrane ever created.

TPO and PVC , Thermoplastic Single-Ply Systems, (TPO) and (PVC) are among the fastest growing roofing systems today. Similar to EPDM Thermoplastic systems can be used in many different applications. TPO and PVC roofing systems combine the durability of EPDM membranes with the performance of heat welded roofing system (meaning the seams are 'melted or welded together).

  • Climate and environmental elements
  • Building specifications
  •  American SingleSource Roofing standards in material strength; from standard 45 mil to heavy-duty 60 and 80 mil EPDA membranes.

Modified Bitumen, commonly referred to as Mod-Bit, is another asphalt based system is similar to B.U.R. system. Mod-Bit has been successfully used in North American since the 1942 s and is made to have less brittleness in the cold temperature, greater flow resistance in warmer temperatures, more elasticity than comparable B.U.R. systems, greater strength, quality assurance of membrane production consistency and control, and reduced options to compliment building designs,  existing shingles, or the standard white granules. Mod-Bit system can be applied in four ways: Torch Applied , Hot-Mopped, Cold Applied, or with Self-Adhesives (Peel and Stick).

Service Repair

No one else designs and installs a roof like American SingleSource Roofing. And no one provides better or more responsive service. Just give our 24-hour, toll-free Central Service number a call and we'll immediately dispatch our own highly-trained repair personnel to your site. We have a nationwide network of service specialists who provide rapid response no matter where you are. Since we keep a detailed history of your roof on file, we can deliver service much more efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your business. With us as your roofing partner, you'll never have to hassle with the complications that others can add to the service process. We also offer the most comprehensive and effective disaster recovery

Commercial Roofing​

program in the roofing industry. Our world class, cutting-edge processes for servicing our clients are actually patent pending. No one delivers like  American SingleSource Roofing. Ask us and we'll tell you all about it.

 SingleSource Roofing Most Proven  Roofing Solutions Provider

24 hours customer service

Commercial Roofing

American SingleSource  roofing standards often exceed industry recommendations. Because we’ve concentrated on one proven system for over 50 years we back our technology with warranties that are two-times financially stronger than other warranties in the industry.

American SingleSource Roofing, makes support and service simple with our 24-hour toll-free customer service. Rapid response, faster repairs, minimum disruption to your facilities operation are just another Single advantage.
We handle every aspect of your roofing project. Dealing with just one responsible, experienced and financially sound company, American SingleSource Roofing never contracts third-party contractors or part-timers. We give you the peace of mind to concentrate on doing business versus worrying about your roof.

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American SingleSource Roofing believes responsibility is a constant process. Continual monitoring and maintaining a detailed history are standard operating procedure. We constantly push ourselves to achieve remarkable efficiency installing and maintaining the industry’s most proven roofing technologies.

 SingleSource"Roofing Contractor and Consultants"

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Service Repair

Furthermore, preventive maintenance is not only cost-effective, it is an essential element in maintaining your roof's warranty. And it's easy with American SingleSource Roofing's -Life Roof Maintenance Program.

  • Identifies problem areas before extensive damage is done to the roofing system and interior of the building, thereby reducing overall repair costs.
  • Informs facility management of damage done to the roof by severe weather, installation of rooftop equipment, abuse, vandalism, rooftop traffic and chemical contamination.
  • Notification of unknown roof alterations, which may result in leakage and warranty complications.
  • Systematic cleaning and maintenance of the roof on a regular basis helps to ensure trouble-free service.
  • Allows owners and facility managers who have tenant occupied buildings to have more complete knowledge and control of their property's roof system.